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Have you ever been sitting around, doing your normal thing and had a Word from God hit you so hard it almost knocked you out of your chair? I like to call these Words popcorn revelations because the seed (kernel) is already present, but when God adds His oil and Holy Spirit fire that kernel pops into a full of revelation. These are my favorite!

Sometime in the Spring of 2021, my husband, Steven, and I were driving home from dinner with the kids when out of nowhere, God hit me with a revelation. We were passing a field of what looked like beans, mind you it was spring in the Heartland so the growth was minimal. The edge of the field was lined with a heavy wooded patch, then another field. This is nothing new, fields and woods are very common in our area. In fact, when God spoke to me through this revelation, my mind was flooded with memories of various fields and wooded areas that I played in as a child. In fact, we had traveled the same stretch of interstate at least 100 times, so I had passed the same field multiple times and probably even looked in that direction multiple times. But this time, I saw it through His eyes, as much bigger than a field of beans. He said, “Everything that I created will regrow and persevere using the power I gave it.” Wow!! Think about that for a minute. God created the earth, He created trees, grass, bushes, etc. Pollination was His design. It’s through His design that even though the farmer plowed and planted this bean field, there was still a line of trees bordering the crop. We can chop down all the trees and burn out the stumps, but if we leave that empty land alone and allow nature to run its course, eventually there will be bushes and trees growing. They won’t be the same trees or the same bushes, but is anything ever really the same after a big change?

That’s exactly how God works in us! He created us to persevere and expand. Sometimes that looks like being chopped down and forced to find a new way. Doesn’t that illustration fit so well with dying to ourselves and being raised to new life with Jesus? We may look the same or similar on the outside, but He brings new life into us on the inside. The old is gone because He makes us new. Just like the land and trees, He plants new seeds in us and we grow and develop over time. What I’ve learned in my 23 years of walking with the Lord, is that nothing is easy or quick. Refining and pruning takes time, especially when our flesh tells us to hold onto certain dreams and desires. It’s crazy for me to think that it’s been 23 years since I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and took the initial plunge of baptism. I was 13 years old and knew that I didn’t want to go to Hell. Looking back on my childhood, I see that He set me apart from others. At the time, that looked like victimization through being abandoned and bullied – my pile of victim cards is a mile high. Now, I see the significance and welcome the uniqueness that He has given me. Without being a victim, I would not have been shackled and He wouldn’t have had those thick chains to break me free from.

Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; may Your good Spirit lead me on level ground.

Psalms 143:10

I don’t feel it would be right to not share that the first 2 paragraphs of this post were drafted last fall, almost a year ago. As I sat down this morning to create a new post for you, I noticed this one in the drafts that was still untitled. As I started reading it, I knew He had intended it for this all along. Over the past couple years, God has been refining me from the inside out. There are many things we’re still working on that I can’t even begin to explain, but within the past 6 months, He has broken chain after chain and shown me His mercy and grace over and over. His power and authority are clearer to me now than ever before and I’m choosing to walk the path He has set before me. In doing so, I have peace in letting you all know that I will be taking a step back from Seeking Him Ministries – I’m not leaving for good, I will still pop up to bring in motherly insight from a blended family perspective, but God has made it clear to me that my mission and the Word He has given me is not for a limited audience. Just as Gerri has a specific mission to guide single mothers, I have a specific mission to speak to the (capital C) Church. I invite you to join me in this mission, but also to continue following Seeking Him Ministries as I know God has big things in store here.

It’s truly been an honor to serve as Kingdom Seeking Mom. I have learned and grown so much under Gerri’s guidance. For me, this post is bittersweet because my flesh wants to hang on but God has given me the peace of knowing that He holds my future. I want to close this post with a few insights that I’ve learned over the past few years, most of which have been a direct result of Seeking Him Ministries and my work as Kingdom Seeking Mom.

  • Don’t run before you can walk. Sometimes taking it slower allows you to enjoy things you would find irritating at a faster speed. Take your time, learn the lessons.
  • Always try at least 2 bites of any food that doesn’t wiggle. Trying new foods allows you to expand your pallet. Use the same approach with life. You will never grow if you don’t take the risk of stepping outside your comfort zone.
  • For Christians, Death is a doorway into resurrected life in Heaven. Don’t fear losing your loved ones if you know where they’re going. Likewise, never fear your own death but have enough common sense to not put yourself in danger.
  • Go to the weddings, go to the funerals, go to the family reunions. Be social and radiate love and positivity regardless of the circumstance. People will notice the Light in you.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who love you, but continue to reach out to the negative.
  • It’s 100% ok to distance yourself from any toxic environment. You shouldn’t feel guilty, but you should allow yourself to grieve the loss of whatever you’re leaving behind.
  • You do make a difference. You do matter. Live your life with this confidence and take the extra effort to make sure others know they have the same qualities, especially your kids!
  • Live with intention. Make sure everything you do and say is with good intentions. Be especially intentional with your encouragement.
  • Be specific with your gratitude. Don’t just say you’re thankful, show it!
  • Grief comes with any loss, not just death. Give yourself time to grieve but know that you don’t have to live in grief. There is deliverance in the Name of Jesus Christ!
  • Loss is hard and messy, no matter the circumstance so don’t compare your loss to others. That’s apples to oranges and your loss doesn’t take away from theirs. Likewise, their loss doesn’t take away from yours. We all have feelings so be mindful with your condolences.
  • (Being completely transparent, I still struggle with this one) When someone shares a story or something about their life with you, sit back and listen. Don’t interject how you’ve had a similar experience until they’re done telling you about theirs. There’s a reason they felt comfortable sharing their story with you, so listen!
  • No one needs to hear about your inconveniences. We all have enough of our own. Delete the post about horrible service, erase the road-rage comment. He provides grace upon grace to us, so we should model grace upon grace to others.
  • Some thoughts aren’t meant to be said aloud. If it’s criticizing or negative, keep it to yourself – or better yet, write it on a piece of paper and burn it.
  • If God puts something on your heart, do it. It can be a little as paying for the person behind you in the drive-thru. Walking in obedience will lead to big growth. If you are faithful with the small things, He will lead you to the big ones.
  • Worship is any act you do for God – flying a Christian flag, declaring the name of Jesus over your family, showing up to work on time, helping someone at the grocery store. Everything you do can be an act of worship so do it wholeheartedly for Him.
  • Speak His blessings every chance you get. Speak them in the dark valleys. Speak them from the light mountain tops. The Holy Spirit inside you gives you authority, use it wisely for His Kingdom!
  • Go to church, listen to the sermon and take notes. Don’t limit your writing to what’s prompted. Allow God to speak to you through the sermon and write down what He lays on your heart. If your church has multiple services and you can make it, go multiple times. God won’t limit what He’s has for you to one service. If you make time for Him, He will deliver.
  • Bring the praise! Don’t worry about what others may think of your singing voice or how you’re dancing. The only judgment that matters is God’s, and I guarantee He doesn’t care if you’re singing off key or clapping off beat. If you’re praising for Him, He will be pleased and pour into you in a way that it will set the environment for others to encounter Him through your praise. Overflow is a blessing and so joyous, revel in it and see what He does!
  • Most importantly, love God and trust that His ways are higher. Praise Him and glorify Him. Every. Single. Chance. You. Get. He sees the bigger picture and knows that your pruning and refining will take time. Allow Him to take His time because the blessings you will reap from that will be abundant and lavish.

-Walking in His promise & holding strong to His faithful blessings, ❤ Renee


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