Growing Deeper Roots

Matthew 6:33

Hey y’all! Renee here. You may have noticed our recent name change to Seeking Him Ministries. I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain the change and introduce my new role as Kingdom Seeking Mom. First, if you haven’t read Gerri’s post The Adventure Begins about how God impressed the name Honey Seeking Mom (HSM) on her heart through a dream, it’s well worth your time. Just a side note that she will continue her role as Honey Seeking Mom. This growth will not, by any means, remove her role or the original mission on which HSM was founded.

Since Gerri’s first post in April of 2018, HSM has grown tremendously. In the past 3 years, she has really worked so hard to build a following and grown this ministry from the ground up. Last fall, she graciously invited me to join her after God made it clear that it was time to expand. The goal has always been to equip single mothers with the encouragement and guidance needed to live their lives and raise their kids with a God-first mentality. Together, Gerri and I have been able to maintain posts on our blog and social media sites. With my additions, Gerri has been able to focus more of her time and energy to expanding her dream of providing substantial assistance to single mothers. We (mainly Gerri) are still working out the details of this new branch of our ministry and hope to release more information later this year. We are so excited about being able to provide these expanded services to single mothers. We do need an abundance of prayer and ask that you join us in praying for a smooth transition.

Honey Seeking Mom already had a significant following which led us to a “seeking” theme group-wide, because, let’s be real for a minute, we are all in constant search to fill the voids life can leave. So, the question became what is the one thing that can adequately fill all of us? Y’all, the only answer to that question is God!

As Gerri was driving home from dropping her kids off at school one morning, she saw this unused, boarded up property she’s seen many times over the past 10 years, in a new light. She had the thought, “what if I could get a property like that, and renovate it and use it to help other moms like me? Other moms, in situations like I was when my ex-husband and I separated, and I was on the verge of losing everything?” She thought about this and prayed, and God spoke to her “Seeking Him Ministries – Equipping Single Mothers to Live a God-First Life.” Thus, Seeking Him Ministries began.

Keeping with the “seeking” theme, I wanted my individual role to fit in but I’m not even going to lie, I wanted it to be a bold statement. (If you read my last blog post you know all about my thirst for greatness.) I prayed for a week straight for God to send me the word He wanted me to use. One word is all I needed, but the words of revelation I received were so much greater than my expectation!

His voice was very calm and His message was very simple, but it was also bold, which I love! He told me He created us to be lights in a world of darkness. To shine bright, we must follow certain rules and customs (for lack of better words), like believing in Him and asking Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of our life, being baptized, not just by water but in the Holy Ghost, loving and serving others, doing our best to abstain from sins, confessing, repenting and making genuine efforts to change when we do sin- because repent means, to turn and walk in a new direction. So, if we participate and actively seek to do these things, what’s the ultimate goal? Well, as my 10 year old would say, “To go to Heaven, duh!” I think it’s true that we all want eternal salvation and to see the streets of gold in Heaven, but something that I learned after the passing of my great aunt in 2004 is that my desire for Jesus and experiencing Heaven coincides with my desire to see those I love in Heaven. I’m sure all you moms would agree that few things pale in comparison to seeing your kid’s face light up with joy. In that same aspect, I want to see the joy on everyone’s face when Jesus sits down next to them. I want to take everyone to Heaven with me! To do that, I have to widen and expand God’s Kingdom. Not by changing the boundaries of who He is or how we get to Heaven, but by shining my light so bright with the pure and raw agape love of God that others want what I’m experiencing. They want that same brightness so bad that they have to seek what I’m seeking. And if my focus is on God and His Kingdom, they will seek Him and His Kingdom. We will be Kingdom Seekers, actively seeking growth and expansion for ourselves and others.

Matthew 6:33 – Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. Come, let’s seek Him together and grow our roots deeper within the Body of Jesus!

❤️ Renee


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