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I just learned that a long time choir member passed away. Grief is such a dark place. It brings to light the reservations and doubts we have about our faith. My family has seen a lot of tragedy here on earth. And I personally struggled with death for years. I decided about a year ago that I won’t let satan have that satisfaction anymore. This faith I have in God being Good, it’s MY faith and no one can control it except me.

I make a conscious choice every morning to live in God’s presence and walk in His Word. I still make mistakes, I still fail and fall short. But it’s not about the mistakes, it’s about the effort. He wipes my slate clean every night when I ask Him for forgiveness. I decide every day that the only competition I’m in is with the woman I was yesterday. She’s the only person I need to be better than. She’s the only person I need to improve. And by God’s Grace, I get to continue working on myself and being a light to others.

That’s what life is all about, isn’t it? Being a light of hope and goodness in this dark world. Sometimes we have friends around to help guide us back to a steady light and that’s great, but what happens when everyone else is in darkness? When we’re standing alone and have to be the light for others? God’s light should radiate from us. It should be like a lighthouse on a hill, leading the way home.

The only way we can do that is if our cup is pointed in God’s direction. If it’s leaning too much to one side, it will never completely fill and overflow. That overflow is God’s light inside us and it’s what others see when they are walking through darkness. We have to make sure our cup is directed straight at God so he can fill us to overflowing. Only then will His light inside us be that beacon for others.

I invite you to examine your cup today. Are you filling it with your spouse or your kids? Are you filling it with work or hobbies? Or are you seeking to fill it with God’s Word, His Goodness, His Mercy and His Grace? We can’t have these qualities in abundance without Him pouring them into our cup. We are human and will always fall short. We will never have the abundance of resources we need to pour into others without God completely filling and overflowing our cup. Don’t let satan tip your cup.

-Walking Fully by Faith & Finding the Blessings, ❤️ Renee


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