Gifts Fit For A King

The Gift of the Little Drummer Boy
Photo credit: enCourage

Our last blog post was about conquering the routine and mundane with intentions. God impressed this even deeper into my soul last night when He gave me new meaning to a Christmas song that I never cared for. I know, I know, it’s a Christmas song so I shouldn’t not like it but it became so routine that I sang the lyrics without feeling them. But God! One of the biggest ways He’s spoken to me this year has been through new found meaning in lyrics to songs I’ve known for years. He really knows my love and adoration for all things music. I was never able to play any instruments in school, not because I didn’t have the opportunity, just because I was never good at keeping time. I tend to sing a bit flat and off key, but, oh, how I love singing! It’s always brought me great joy, so these newfound meanings have hit me really deep.

Last night was our annual Christmas Eve Eve service at church. This service was a tradition in our church long before my husband and I became members in 2014, after the passing of my stepdaughter and unborn grandson. Back then, we were led to Central with a longing for something more, a deeper connection to God’s Word, a purpose. Boy, have we received more than we were seeking! God is so intentional with His blessings when you actively seek Him.

What Christmas song was it that God forever changed for me? Little Drummer Boy. If I’m being honest, I’ve always loved the drum line and I’ve sang the lyrics but I never examined them. I never wondered what the drummer boy was thinking. I never related to him. The lyrics were never deeper than just rolling off my tongue. They never touched me. Well, they didn’t until last night. Let’s take a look.

Come they told me
A new born King to see
Our finest gifts we bring
To lay before the King
So to honor Him
When we come

Verse 1 from Little Drummer Boy by for KING & COUNTRY

So the setup here is pretty obvious – a boy is told of the birth of Jesus and that everyone is bringing their best gifts to honor Him. Can you see this little boy being told of Jesus’ birth? Can you see his eyes light up with wonder?

Little baby
I am a poor boy too
I have no gift to bring
That’s fit to give our King
Shall I play for you
On my drum

Verse 2 from Little Drummer Boy by for KING & COUNTRY

Now this, I’m sure we can all relate to. He’s acknowledging that Jesus was born into a non-wealthy family, much like his family. The boy has nothing of value to bring as a gift for Jesus. Do you see those bright, awestruck eyes drop? Imagine the sadness of this boy. Everyone is bringing elaborate gifts and he has nothing. So what does he do? He offers his God-given gift as praise.

Mary nodded
The ox and lamb kept time
I played my drum for Him
I played my best for Him
Then He smiled at me
Me and my drum

Verse 3 of Little Drummer Boy by for KING & COUNTRY

Receiving Mary’s approval, he emptied his heart into this one song. Can you see this small boy playing with all his might? Giving his very best for Jesus. Then, the best reward of all time, Jesus smiled at him. He acknowledged what the boy brought as the perfect gift for our King.

Did this pull at your heart strings? As I sit here in tears, I’m so thankful that God accepts us right where we are! Sure, some brought elaborate gifts for Jesus, but what He really wants isn’t in a material gift, it’s in our hearts. He wants us! God intentionally blessed this boy with the gift of talent on the drum. It’s so clear that God wants us to use our gift (from Him) as a gift (to Him and others). And He doesn’t want us to downplay it. He didn’t want the little drummer boy to give half his talent. He wanted his very best. God wants us to shine so bright that the whole world sees Him through us!

Some of you may still be in search for your God-given gift and some of you may know what your gift is but not how to use it. There are so many stories in the Bible of people who didn’t know their anointment until they fully sought Jesus. They had to lay everything aside and find their worth solely in Him. May we invite you to seek your worth solely in Him?

Single momma, single daddy, your worth can’t be found in your kids. Bread winner, your worth doesn’t come from working hard. Stay at home parent, you won’t find your worth in a clean house or an hour alone at the store. Empty nester, you will never be completely filled by traveling the world or transforming rooms in your home. Widow(er), your worth comes from something so much greater than memories. Barren couple, you aren’t defined by your ability to reproduce. Grandparent, your worth doesn’t come from your kids and grandkids. Caregivers, your worth can’t be found in the health and wellbeing of your loved one. Brother, sister, you are not a burden to others. Your worth is not found in them.

Your worth comes directly from Jesus. He alone defines our worth! You can search the whole world but will never find your full potential because we weren’t designed to be filled with worldly things. God fashioned us to each have our own purpose in this life, our own gift. Seek Him to find your purpose. Then, just like the little drummer boy, use it to give back to Him. Use it to share His Good News! Use it to plant seeds so He can save others! After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? God came down, in the flesh of a baby, to save each of us individually.

– Walking by Faith & Finding the Blessings, Renee


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