Christmas Lights

Photo credit: Fox21 News Colorado

This pandemic has been hard, y’all. All the rules and ever-changing regulations has people constantly in fight or flight mode. I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve seen heatedly arguing over miniscule things. And then there are those people who are perpetually in super bad moods doing their best to spread hate to everyone around them. We needed to unplug from all that and enjoy dinner and something cheerful with our kids. Having only one child in our home but also two married adult kids, one with a baby, it’s difficult to plan family functions. Well, my husband’s birthday was this past Thursday and the only day the kids ended up being free was last night, the same night of the women’s Kept Gathering at my church. I was disappointed to miss the gathering, but knew I wouldn’t get this opportunity to be with my family for a while so I skipped the gathering. But God! He strategically planned my evening to allow me to tune into the live stream. He knew the 30 minute wait for a table at dinner and having to stop for gas and hot chocolate, and the 1.5 hour wait to get to the entrance of the Christmas lights display would give me just enough time to watch Him work His magic through some pretty spectacular ladies. The Kept Gathering ended just as we turned the corner into Candy Cane Lane. Literally seconds. That’s how I know He planned my entire evening.

As we waited in line for our annual trip to Candy Cane Lane (the Christmas lights display), I watched the live feed of the women’s gathering at my church. Christmas is one of my two favorite holidays and I was so excited to share in the joy of Christmas with the women at my church. The words spoken last night over me and all the women onsite and online really put my perspective back into focus. I’ve linked the video from the gathering at the end for anyone who wants to watch and be blessed.

If you follow HSM on social media, we have already established that Jesus is the Light of the world. Speaking on the same concept of light, satan tries to convince us that we are following the right path by mimicking the light of Jesus. But satan’s light isn’t pure. It’s blurry and doesn’t allow us to see the crystal clear picture Jesus has in store for us. Just like Christmas lights, we are drawn to the big and fancy decorations. But if I’m being honest, the dinosaurs in Santa hats are cute, but I feel more drawn to the nativity scenes. Obviously, the thousands of lights and characters will get more attention, but the statement of the Nativity is so much deeper. It’s human nature to want more and more, just like these Christmas lights, but the fullness we seek can’t be found in worldly things. That fullness can only come from Jesus, which started with a simple Nativity.

Something my dear friend Lea said during the women’s gathering drilled deep into my heart and just made so much sense. We put Jesus in a box and we limit Him by our thoughts. We tell ourselves that our issue is too small for Him. We tell ourselves He doesn’t want to help us. That we are too far gone. We try to limit and classify God, just like the people tried to limit and classify Jesus. They said he’s a carpenter, he’s Mary’s son, he’s the boy who grew up in their community, Jesus can’t be the Messiah. Y’all, no issue is too big or too small for God! He is limitless!! It doesn’t matter what your issue is, it doesn’t change who He is. He is there regardless of your circumstances. Regardless of who your parents are. Regardless of who your friends are. Regardless of who your kids are. Regardless of your marital issues. Regardless of your career path. Regardless of your mistakes. Regardless of your shortcomings. Regardless of who you think you are. God remains the same. He is Omnipresent. He is Eternal. He is the Light in our darkness. And HE LOVES YOU! Don’t lose hope! Dwell in His Light.

-Walking by Faith & Finding the Blessings, ❤️ Renee

Don’t forget to click the link below to watch the Christmas Kept Gathering. Your single mom heart, your boy mom heart, your girl mom heart, your blended family mom heart, your soccer mom heart, your worn thin momma heart will not be disappointed. May we all come together as a community and allow God to dwell in us!

Kept Gathering at Central Christian Church on 12/12/20



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