Praying the Word

What if I told you the Bible isn’t just meant to be read & studied, but also to be spoken, as we apply it to our lives? God’s Word IS creative power, given to us by Him, to be used for our benefit. Ephesians 5:1 tells us, as God’s children, to be imitators of Him. Just as our children imitate us by talking & acting like we do, so should we talk like God & act like God.

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Our Father loves for us to speak His Word back to Him when we’re talking with Him. When we remind Him of the promises in the Word, we are telling Him that we trust Him to keep those promises for us in our lives. As we hear ourselves speaking the things God has said, our faith will be built up more quickly- because faith comes by hearing, & hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17).

If we pay attention, the Bible tells us all we need to know about our speech. First of all, we are created in His image- He is a being Who speaks things into existence. (Take a moment to process that if you need to 😉 ) Proverbs 18:21 tells us that the power of life & death is in our tongues- which is why it is so important to stay connected to God’s power & Spirit. We do that by getting the Word in us (Colossians 3:16), so that in any given circumstance the Word is what will come out of us- causing us to speak life to the situation.

Just as Jesus set for us an example of praying out loud, so did He also set one of speaking like His Father; He did this in four ways:

  • He didn’t pray the problem- He prayed what God said was the answer
  • His conversation always consisted of what God said
  • He didn’t speak the present circumstances, but always spoke the desired end results
  • He used the Word to defeat Satan- when tempted in the wilderness, he replied to each temptation “It is written” (Matthew 4:1-11)

He demonstrated a God kind of faith by speaking to the wind, sea, demons, & even dead men. If you want to get the kind of results He had, you’ve got to speak the kind of words He did. This post could just have easily been titled “Speaking the Word,” because that’s a more accurate description of what we do when we pray the Word- we speak it- back to God, to our situations & circumstances, & to the enemy. The Word is the sword of the Spirit, our greatest weapon of spiritual warfare (Ephesians ch 6).

Words are the most powerful thing in the universe

Charles Capps

Words only cause transformation when they are read, spoken, or heard. Don’t just read the Word, but speak it- hear yourself speaking it to the debt that is piling up, the spirit depression trying to come on you, the cancer trying to grow in you, the spirit of rebellion rising up in your children. Remind God of what He has promised us in His Word regarding these issues of life- & watch as He transforms each situation for His glory!

I’m including below my personal Amazon links to a few good resources to help you learn more about & get started speaking God’s Word over your life. Should you choose to purchase any of them, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. 🙂

-Speaking the Word by Faith & Reaping the Blessings, Gerri



    • Yes! Learning to pray the Word has made such a difference in my prayer & personal life! I noticed that the resource links I included aren’t publishing correctly, I am working with WordPress to get that fixed, be sure to check back for them!


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