Talking to God

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Have you ever felt intimidated by the word “prayer?” It just has this holy, reverent sound to it, & can leave a person feeling inadequate to “pray without ceasing,” right?

How about we just call prayer what it really is- talking to God. We talk to Him, just as we would any person standing in front of us- & that’s exactly how He WANTS us to talk to Him. Sure, He “knows our heart” & our thoughts, but He still wants us to give Him that respect of TALKING to Him out loud.

As followers of Christ, we are to follow His example- & from what we can see in scripture, He prayed out loud. (Hebrews 5:7, Matthew 26:39,42,44, John 17:1-25) Jesus prayed in private (Luke 5:16) & encouraged us to pray privately (Matthew 6:6), not for show- but that does not mean that He was saying to pray silently. Scripture tell us that He prayed with loud crying & tears, He poured out His heart & emotions to His Father without holding back, & that is the example we should follow; that is what our Father wants from us.

If that’s not reason enough for you to start praying out loud (which it should be), here’s a new perspective for you:

God can “hear” our thoughts, but Satan can’t- when our silent prayers are answered, it gives him an opportunity to accuse God of treating us as favorites or giving us things we never asked for. Not only that, but praying out loud demonstrates our faith to Satan, letting him know that we are standing in faith & trusting God in whatever the situation may be- it reminds him that we KNOW the victory is ours & he has already been defeated!

And have you ever noticed, that silent prayer tends to end in thoughts trailing off into other areas & next thing you know, you’re no longer praying but thinking about random to do lists for the next day or worrying about the things you should be praying about instead? Praying out loud prevents that, helping us to stay focused on communicating & encourages connecting with God.

The most powerful words you’ll ever hear, are the words you speak.

Pastor Rusty Martin

As we hear ourselves praying, our resolve to depend on God is strengthened as well, giving us even more determination to stand in faith to receive our victory.

Photo Cred: Ben White, Unsplash

Mommas, as we pray in all things, & as we pray for & with our children, let us follow the example that Jesus set for us- not doing it for show, but showing our children to pray out loud, unashamed to communicate with our Father, acknowledging His presence & pouring our hearts & thoughts out to Him in true conversation. As we openly talk with Him, He will openly bless us with answered prayers, & our children will learn how to truly have fellowship with Him.

Stay tuned to the blog, as we begin exploring the importance of praying the Word, what it means to pray in the Spirit, & specific prayers for our children, finances, health & healing, forgiveness, & most importantly, salvation- both for ourselves & others. Be sure to comment below or email me, & share your thoughts on prayer, & what specifically you would like to see included in this study of prayer. I look forward to hearing from you all, I value your input & want to be sure to include information that you want to see here!

-Walking by Faith & Praying the Blessings in, Gerri

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  1. Oh my goodness, Gerri! That whole entire paragraph about “not praying for show …but so our children will learn by example? YES! I love it! I saw my son with a Bible and notebook on his bed the other night and I about started dancing! LOL May all the prayers and seeds we’re planting yield an incredible harvest in our kids’ lives for God to get ALL the glory!

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