I’m Baaaack!!!

Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash

Back in November, I began to feel overwhelmed by all the things- being a single mom, having both a full time & a part time job, both on nights, & having this blog & a direct sales business on the side. I was letting the busyness of always working- & working my side business from both home & work- get in the way of truly living & enjoying life & the things I do & people I love. And in the middle of holiday season, two of my three boys have birthdays just weeks apart.

Often, feeling overwhelmed can be a sign that, somewhere in our lives, something we’re doing is outside of God’s will for us. So, I took a step back from doing all the things for the side businesses for awhile. Still, something was missing. Maybe I took too big a step back, because where I ended up spiritually & mentally recently, tells me that I was still standing just outside of His will. You’d think that two months off from the side hustles, combined with eleven days off from both jobs, & getting to visit your friends & family would leave you refreshed & renewed. Nope. Not me. While all of that was good & needed, I was still missing something.

As I prayed over this, He spoke. I heard the Spirit gently say, “You’re not FEASTING.” During my first year after giving my life back to Christ, there were many mornings when, as I woke, I could literally hear my spirit already worshiping (if you’ve never experienced this, you’re really missing out!). Lately, I have longed to have that back, but haven’t been feasting on God’s Word, & fellowshipping with Him the way I was then. Stepping back from the blog didn’t help me with that at all- writing weekly biblical posts helps to keep me IN the Word & intentional about learning! No wonder I’ve continued to feel overwhelmed, & conflict & strife have risen up in relationships which are so dear to me!

I’ve begun a study of the book of Job, from the amazing women over at flourishgathering.com, called Feasting on God’s Word, & I’m so excited as I see how only two days in, it’s already helping me to get refocused on keeping my time with God as my number one priority! I know that I need to remain focused on Him, & treasure His Word each day more than my necessary food (Job 23:12).

It may already be after 10pm on January 12th, but I am finally in position to say I’m ready for the new year & whatever it may bring! I’m repositioning myself spiritually, ready for God to use me & this blog He gave me, for His purpose- I want to be aligned with His will for my children & me- ready for Him to bring healing & restoration where there is conflict & strife, & ready for my relationship with Him to go to new levels I’ve never seen before. I’m so excited to see His promises for my family unfold this year, & to share our journey with you.

I’m reworking my writing schedule, into one that is more realistic, & also searching out new ideas to enlarge the scope of topics I write about. What do you want to see more of on the blog this year? What is it you’re excited about in your faith walk? What topics related to fellowship & relationship with God would you like to read more about? What do you see being a trending topic this year, or wish someone would make “a thing” of? Please comment on this post, I truly value your input! 

-Walking by Faith & Re-aligning With His Will, Gerri



  1. I am loving this renewed attitude of yours and can feel your enthusiasm through your words! Sometimes we have to step back far enough to see the bigger picture in order to realign

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