What We Can Have & Do

Since I started this blog back in April, we’ve been talking every week about who we are, in Christ. When we know WHO we are in Christ, this opens our eyes to see what we can have, & what we can do, in Him.

The short answer: ALL THINGS!

He gave us all that we need, while taking away every effect of the curse, in the finished work of the cross. When we receive Him into our hearts, we are given back all of our authority that was taken by the enemy when Adam & Eve fell in The Garden. We have the authority to walk in divine health & prosperity. We can walk in bold confidence in the victory Christ has given us, knowing that we are God’s beloved children, & He delights in us.

What can you have when you live a life in Christ? Everything. The Father holds no good thing back, from the children He loves.

You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. -John 14:13 NLT

What can you do, when you’re living this abundant life in Christ? Anything.

Whatever you need, it’s yours. Receive it by faith. Whatever dream is in your heart, chase it! You can accomplish anything, with God on your side. If He gave you a dream, He will help you bring it to fruition. Go after what He’s shown you, it’s already yours!

-Walking by Faith & Chasing the Dream, Gerri


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