Wonderfully Made

I will give thanks & praise to You, for I am fearfully & wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, & my soul knows it very well – Psalm 139:14

Merriam-Webster defines wonderful as “exciting wonder: marvelous, astonishing; unusually good: admirable.” The original Hebrew word in this verse is palah, “to be separated or distinct.” Strong’s says “to distinguish… put a difference, show marvellous, separate, set apart…”

There’s honestly not too much to add here today. If you are in Christ, you have been made new, & are wonderfully made. He doesn’t see all the physical flaws you beat yourself up about, trying to hide with make-up & filters. As a matter of fact, those “flaws” are what He says make you unique & special. He doesn’t see you for the mistakes you’ve made, or those awkward quirks you have. He sees you as a marvelous, astonishing, admirable, distinguished, set apart, exciting & unusually good woman of God. You have been wonderfully made by the hands of God, who are you to critique His work? Don’t you think it’s time that you started to see yourself through His eyes?



-Walking by Faith as His Wonderfully Made Creation, & Finding the Blessings, Gerri 


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