A Masterpiece

In this digital age, it’s so easy to compare ourselves to the standards the world has set for what we should be, & always end up feeling “less than.” We see the girls in their doctored & filtered photos, with their professionally done makeup & hair, & feel not pretty enough or thin enough. We see all the gym selfies & feel not fit enough. Then there’s all the couple posts & we feel unloved or not worthy enough for the kind of love being portrayed in our newsfeed. Or what about all the other moms out there who appear to have it all together? Their kids are perfect, their family always looks perfect, nothing ever seems to be going wrong, & she always looks like she just rolls out of bed looking put together.. & it leaves us looking ourselves in the mirror, feeling a hot mess.

But ya know what? Everything you see on social media is not as it seems. No one has got it all together. NO ONE looks like those girls in real life. Those gym selfies? Those are just the afters, there’s a before there that you haven’t seen. It probably looks a lot like you, Momma who’s too busy juggling all the things of life to squeeze in the occasional workout. No relationship is what it looks like on social media. And no child is perfect, no family ever looks that good ALL the time, & every family has it’s struggles & ups & downs that aren’t being advertised on the internet. Everyone is a hot mess more often than they let you see, maybe even more than you!

Even in the middle of your hot mess, your Heavenly Father still sees you as His Masterpiece. A work of art that He created, called to do good things, good work that He planned for you to do. From the foundation of the world, He knew you would exist right here, right now, & He already had an assignment & a calling waiting for you before you even made the choice to follow Him.


It’s time to stop comparing yourself. It’s time to stop the negative self-talk. Begin to see you, as God sees you, so that you can accomplish what He has called you to do. He doesn’t see your flaws. He doesn’t see your sin & failures. He sees you as He has made you, in Christ. Write these down on sticky notes, & put them on your bathroom mirror:

You are whole.

You are flawless.

You are beautiful.

You are worthy.

You are able & equipped to accomplish the dreams God has placed in your heart.

You are a masterpiece.

Our words are so powerful, let’s start using them towards ourselves correctly Mommas.


-Walking as His Masterpiece by Faith & Finding the Blessings, Gerri


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