Never Alone

As a single mom, it can be very easy to feel alone. There are so many responsibilities placed on our shoulders, that we simply were not created to bear alone. We must work & be sole providers; we must make all financial decisions & be wise stewards with the finances we have; we must make all parenting & discipline decisions; we must manage our home & make sure all the housework gets done; we must set a good example & do our best to “raise our kids right.” And in the midst of it all, we must find time for self-care, so that we can keep our sanity & walk in peace through all the ups & downs of managing life as a single mom, & if we’re lucky we can also find time for the occasional phone call, lunch or evening with friends or family members- because a social life is important for our well being too! Gosh, aren’t you exhausted just READING that?!



One thing we must remember, is that we are not ever really alone. The Lord has placed numerous reminders in His Word for us, that HE is ALWAYS with us, even in the moments where we feel utterly alone. Even in those moments when we’re left in tears, wondering how much longer we must face the challenges alone, reminding God that He didn’t create us to do this alone, wondering when our partner in this will come, as He gently reminds us that we are not fully alone- His comforter is always there with us (John 14:16), to help us through even those toughest of moments.

The Lord himself goes before you & will be with you, he will never leave you nor forsake you. -Deuteronomy 31:8

With. Such a simple, seemingly insignificant word. In the original Hebrew, the word is im. Brown-Driver-Briggs says it means “of fellowship & companionship.” Not so insignificant now, is it? While our physical reality says we are alone, God’s Truth tells us that He is our Companion, we never need to look very far for comfort, He’s always there & ready to give us whatever we need. In fact, He lives in a realm of timelessness, & has even gone before us & laid out a path for us to follow, we need only to keep trusting & walking with Him, & He will give us rest.

My presence will go with you, & I will give you rest. -Exodus 33:14

Rest. In the Hebrew, nauch.The rest God gives His children is not a physical rest, but a spiritual one, “make quiet in mind” (Brown-Driver-Briggs). He gives us peace of mind, as He walks with us through the trials & challenges of single parenting.

I often hear, “I don’t know how you do it all,” to which I quickly reply “When you don’t have a choice, you just do it.” But the truth is, it’s because of the rest God gives, that I do it all in peace. And it’s because of the fellowship & companionship I have with Him, that I am able to pull myself up out of the lonely feelings, hold my head high, & face the daily challenges. Single Momma, YOU are not alone. The Lord has gone before you; He knows what challenges you face. You need only look to Him, & let Him remind you that He is there with you, not only by your side, but carrying you through.

One last thing: This list of 25 verses will encourage & help you anytime you are feeling alone.


-Walking by Faith Knowing I’m Never Alone & Finding the Blessings, Gerri



    • Thank you Crystal! It isn’t always easy, & many times it’s easier to be caught up in the lonely feelings, but even in the loneliest moments, God has never left my side!


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