Set Apart


You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession. -1 Peter 2:9

If you are part of God’s family, you are one of His chosen people, set apart for His work, His glory. “Eklektos,” the Greek word for “chosen” in the original text, means “chosen out, elect, choice, select… chosen out by God for the rendering of special service to Him.” Every person is born with a purpose, a plan God has for us to bring glory to Him through our lives- all are called, but all are given free will, the choice of whether or not they will choose to walk in that calling. Those who choose to serve God, are His prized possession (Deuteronomy 7:6), set apart for His glory. Thayer’s Greek Lexicon says we are “the best of its kind or class, excellent.” Y’all, we are God’s prized possession- His trophies!

There are many promises throughout the Bible, promising that, if we will choose God, & choose to obey Him, that He will pull us out of the dark places, just as He brought the Israelites out of Egypt, so that we might receive His inheritance. God came down in the person of Jesus, & gave Himself, to purify us, that we might belong to Him & do His good work (Titus 2:14). We are now set apart, not to live as the rest of the world, but to be renewed in our minds by His Word & Spirit, so that we can live our lives according to His will, fulfilling His purpose for us & bringing glory to Him (Romans 12:2).


The enemy knows that God has great plans for each & every one of us, & will throw every distraction & attack he can think of our way in attempts to knock us off of the path God is leading us on. Resolve in your heart, & speak it out, that you will keep your mind & life clean & free of distractions, & receive the inheritance that God has for you!

-Walking as His Trophy by Faith, & Finding the Blessings, Gerri


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