Co-Heirs With Christ

If you’ve been a believer for any period of time, you’re bound to have heard or been told, that we are now heirs with Christ. Heirs to what, exactly? Untouchable riches, stored up in heaven, waiting for us to leave these earthly bodies & pass through those pearly gates? NO! Jesus taught us to pray, “Father, let Your will be done on earth, AS IT IS in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). This means we should believe God to bless us here in this life, our inheritance in Christ isn’t only in our eternal life with Him when we pass on, it is blessing to be received in this life, now.

Yes, when we choose Christ, there will be suffering- the enemy is bound to attack when he sees you choosing to leave a life of sin & follow God. But can you honestly say you didn’t have many of the same problems when you WEREN’T following God? The difference is, how we face them as the enemy works to magnify them & throw everything he can our way to break our faith. Without God, we were lost, confused, constantly worried & stressed out through the trials of life. With Him, we can walk through them with peace, an assurance that as His children, we now share equally in the promise of Abraham (Galatians 3:29, Ephesians 3:6) , & God is walking with us; He has a blessing waiting for us on the other side of every trial that we choose to walk by faith through- our inheritance.

The promises of God aren’t just something for us to look forward to in the afterlife. They are health, healing, wholeness, peace, & prosperity, NOW, in this life. God wants us fully blessed, able to share His goodness & blessings with those around us. Dig into the Word, find every promise made, & insert YOUR name there, believe & receive it NOW. God isn’t holding your inheritance back from you until you get to heaven, He’s waiting for you to grab ahold of & receive all that He has for you NOW.

-Walking by Faith Through Every Trial, Trusting That the Blessing is Waiting on the Other Side,




  1. Beautiful, Gerri!
    On many occasions we’ve forgotten and allow the woe is me attitude to take hold. I’m definitely guilty of it myself. But thank God he is constantly there to remind us as long as we are looking.
    Thank you ma’am!

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