2018 Goals

Photo by IMAMA LAVI on Pexels.com

Y’all, I started this blog on April 18 of this year. In just six weeks & two days, the site has already had 311 visitors, with 761 page views, from twelve countries! That’s so exciting! But I believe there is greater in store. God didn’t put this thing on my heart two years ago & leave it burning there for nothing, & He certainly didn’t give me all the testimonies He’s given me, for my story not to be shared. My ultimate goal with this, is to encourage others in their faith walk, & more recently, God has shown me, especially to encourage other single mommas.

Today, I took the next step. I upgraded my plan here at wordpress, & am setting goals to grow this thing into something bigger; to make it not just a business I can earn money from, but a ministry that will encourage other single mothers everywhere. In my wildest dreams, maybe one day I could write a book, or do public speaking gigs (however terrifying public speaking may be to me at the moment), or even earn enough money in this to make it my full time job. One day. I know God gave me this to do, & nothing is impossible with Him. It may take some time to grow, but He is in it, therefore it is blessed & prosperous.

After upgrading my plan & claiming my new domain (did you notice it’s not a “wordpress dot com,” but is now a dot com?! 🙂 ), I joined “Blogging University” here on wordpress to learn more about how to grow, & am now setting some goals to accomplish this year. I decided to publish this publicly- because if everyone I know & all my followers know about these goals, then I’m accountable to more than just myself for accomplishing them. This also gives you all some incentive to support me in this. Best of all, you don’t have to spend money to support me! All you need to do, is read my posts & click “like,” comment on them, sign up for the email list as a follower, follow “The Honey Seeking Mom” on fb & @the_honey_seeking_mom on IG, & interact & share, share, share!

Here are the goals I have set to accomplish in the next four months, & remember, y’all can help with this! :

1)  Double the number of visitors & page views in the next two months – so, by Aug 1st, I need to be at 622 visitors, with 1,524 page views

2) Double my Instagram & facebook following by Aug 1st – that’s 1,148 IG & 200 fb followers by Aug 1st!

3) I aim to post at least once a week (I took a break over the Memorial Day holiday, I needed to REST), with at least two new recipes a month posted

4) This is sooooo important – I’m investing time & money into this, & I need to see return on my investment – I need to see some income coming from this endeavor in the next four months y’all, so pray & believe with me for the right affiliates, sponsored posts, whatever God would have me do to make this into a profitable business that will provide supplemental income for my single parent household.

OK, it’s out there now… I’ll be doing all I can, y’all be praying, following, interacting, sharing, & supporting! Thanks in advance!!

Gerri, The Honey Seeking Mom



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